Construction has begun for an exciting project! Construction has begun for an exciting project!

Construction has begun for an exciting project!

What's happening at the cafe right now?

Lilyworld is getting an exciting improvement!

Starting from 23 May 2023 work will commence to erect a beautiful roof structure for the cafe. Along with this, the cafe will be getting a makeover with the installation of a brand new garden bar front with stylish gridding, additional greenery, and a boutique earthy tone. The works are anticipated to be completed in the coming months!

We’ve made it our utmost objective to ensure the cafe is still able to be enjoyed to its maximum potential throughout the process. 


What does it mean for you when you visit?

The area directly in front of the cafe will be fenced off so that the construction crew can work their magic. There is still seating available for you inside the cafe on both levels and beneath the pohutukawas. The mini golf course is still in action, and our usual table tennis tables are still available for you to enjoy.

Lilyworld will be looking a little different over the next few months but it will still have the same delicious food and drinks you are used to enjoying at the cafe. The works will also not affect our operating times. 

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to our team and we are happy to answer these for you.

You can contact us here:

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